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Загружено 17 июля 2014 г.

Записано июля 2014

3 882 м
2 803 м
16,73 км

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рядом с Seven Pines, California (United States)

The hike out to Kearsarge Pass from Onion Valley, and then a short scramble to the top of the 13,005' Mt. Gould. The final summit block of Mt. Gould is class 3 with a class 4 boulder to reach the very top. After tagging Gould, we traversed over to a viewpoint down toward the Rae Lakes basin. This was a very worthy side trip that only took about 15 minutes each way. If you are going to to Gould, you really should consider taking this side trip for some more spectacular views! On the return, we moved further from the ridge approach from the way up, and plunge stepped down a more soft, sandy slope. Much faster descent, which would be hell on the way up!

Kearsarge Pass


Mt. Gould

Mt. Gould, 13,005' elevation.

Onion Valley Trailhead

Large parking lot for Onion Valley. Surprisingly, it can still be hard to find a parking spot.

Rae Lakes Overlook

A short jaunt from the summit of Mt. Gould gets you this view down into the Rae Lakes basin.


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