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рядом с Yŏngdŭngp’oi-dong, Seoul (South Korea)

Due to data problem I had to start trackng while leaving the hotel, but the real trail starts after leaving Dobongsan Station.

It took us 2h to reach the peak and about 2h to go down (including quite a lot of pictures and videos being taken on the way back). We stayed at the top for over an hour.

Due to its location and scenic views, Dobongsan is being visited by many people seaking time away from the city with some advanced activity involved (it even carries a Guiness World Record for the most visits throughout 2014!).
I would highly recommend avoiding it during the weekends, as many Koreans like to spend their time hiking and being active ;)
I have visited Bukhansan National Park during the week of July and luckily didn't find it crowded at all (there were more people at the very top, as there are many trails to reach it, so I didn't feel there were many people on the way).

This is a beautiful hike, quite demanding at the top, where last 500m are a bit steep. Yet, if you’re not a total beginner and you are an active person, you will do just fine (otherwise you might need to take more breaks on the way ;)).
It is worth the effort though, as the views at the top are stunning.
You have two options - at some point trail splits where you can choose moderate or advanced path. My track is going through advanced part to the very top and coming back along the ridge of the mountain, which at the beginning is quite demanding too, due to going down over some steep rocks, which requires good balance and good shoes (otherwise can be slippery on a sandy parts). I still marked this hike as 'moderate' because there are stairs healping go throught the pass and you can skip climbing the last bit to reach the very top, there are plenty more places easier to reach with as stunning views.
If on the way back you want to take an easier or different rute, there are other ways quite clearly marked, you can choose from (I enjoyed a bit of a challenge). I recomment taking a picture of the map at the beggining of the track, so it’s easier later on to make a decision which way to go.



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