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рядом с Rada de Moraira, Valencia (España)

A very beautiful walk with two different faces. If you start from La Viuda you will first go through two gorges, the barranco de la Viuda and the barranco de la Cala before you reach the very picturesque litte beach of Llebeig.

The first part is along a narrow stony track and the further you come the steeper the rockfaces around you and the bigger the stones you walk on.

From the beach of Llebeig, a steep track goes up to 80 metres giving you wonderful views of this picturesque beach.

Once you are at 80 metres the track follows the rockfaces more or less at this heighth, going regualarly up and down a little bit. The track is not difficult at all but there are moments that it might be vertiginous for some,

You will pass a number of caves with info panels and after a more or less two-kilometre stretch you will arrive at the end of the SL-CV50 at the road going down to the beach of Moraig. From here at 80 metres it is 700 metres down along the road to the beach itself.

There are plenty of parking possibilities at this end if you want to start this walk here.

Moreover, the most interesting and impressive part is this two-kilometre stretch, the route of the cliffs which you could follow from here and then back again from the beach of Llebeig.

The beach of Moraig is a sandy one with a big parking and a viewpoint to look into some caves that the waves go through.

Parking places


Info panel sl cv50



To Benichatel or Llebeig

Barranc de la Cala


Cala LLebeig




Through the rocks


Cova Pepet del Moret


Cova Domingo L'Abiar


Cova de Les Morretes




Info panels

Hiking trails and Ruta de los Acantilados

Cala Moraig Cave



Above the caves

Barranc de la Viuda

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  • Фото Sandal man

    Sandal man 29.03.2019

    It is a pity that you did not walk to the "fallen rock", it is only 200m from the Cale Moraig
    On the south side, halfway the steep street the path is starting.
    There is also a possibility to go up to the ridge from there.

  • Фото DinkSmallwood

    DinkSmallwood 29.03.2019

    Hartelijk dank voor deze tip. We begonnen laat en het was al op het eind van de middag dat we bij Cala Moraig aankwamen en toen moesten we nog terug. Er viel daar nig wel meer te ontdekken, inderdaad.. Volgennde vakantie dat we daar zijn gaan we dit zeker doen!

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