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рядом с Monistrol de Montserrat, Catalunya (España)

This is the continuation of the track "Montserrat - from the monastery to Sant Jeroni (camí vell)", which will bring you from the base of Sant Jeroni back to the monastery through Santa Magdalena/Sant Joan/Sant Miquel, a trail known as "camí nou".

During the hike you will enjoy the inspiring forms of Montserrat's rocks, and from the top of Santa Magdalena the excellent sights of the planes around the mountain chain. You are likely to see also people climbing to the most challenging peaks.

You will find signs with directions at every crossing, so it's really easy to follow. I've uploaded the track just to offer some practical advice and share a few pictures:

- The hike begins at the base of Sant Jeroni, at a crossing where you will find a sign to "Monestir per Sant Miquel" pointing to the left, one up to Sant Jeroni, and another to the right "Monestir pel pla dels Ocells". You have to go LEFT to the monastery through Sant Miquel.
- Half way to Sant Joan you will see stairs on your right that bring you to a look-out balconny. Do not miss them.
- When you are approaching Sant Joan you will see a sign on the right that goes up to Santa Magdalena. I think it's worth making this detour (it's included in this track), but if you are really tired you can skip it and continue straight ahead, because there is a rather steep slope. If you decide to walk up Sant Magdalena (congratulations!), when returning from the peak follow a different path to the right with signs to Sant Joan / Sant Onofre.
- At Sant Joan you will find the funicular (cable-railway) station to the monastery. In my opinion the remainder of the trail from Sant Joan to the monastery is less interesting than you've seen so far, so don't feel guilty if you are tired and prefer to spend some euros on the funicular...


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