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Координаты 406

Uploaded 23 августа 2016 г.

Recorded августа 2016

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2 929 m
2 395 m
4,85 km

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рядом с Bimang, Sichuan (China)

montaña jiuzhaigou

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  • Фото Krzy

    Krzy 08.05.2018

    I have followed this trail  проверенный  View more

    We have followed your track. Thank you for posting it.

    As we didn't manage to get tickets for the main park we decided to try a wild hike in one of adjacent valleys. Ticket office told us it is not allowed, but apparently thanks to your hike we knew it is not exactly true.

    There was a large earthquake and multiple landslides since your hike and the dirt road was partially either blocked or washed away. The read was definitely not suitable for any vehicle.

    All in all we still managed to follow the trail relatively closely, until we diverted up into a more wild section about 1km before the end of your trail.

    The trail is for vast majority throh forests and for the vast majority of the hike you are looking around through trees. There are some clean section down towards houses and feeding grounds.

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