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рядом с Maskollatë, Kukës (Albania)

Due to some wrong turns to the trail head and all day rain, we didn’t make it to the peak, but we tried our best. There is a map at the trailhead and decent markings till you get fairly close to where we turned around. It does get hard to find where you are on the map sometimes, but this app helps and if you follow this it should keep you on the right paths. It’s tough, but if you are use to this sorta thing, it’s definitely doable. I can’t comment on how worth it the peak is, but even the view where we were was amazing(at least what we could see through clouds and rain.

I forgot to stop recording past where the trail starts coming back also, so ignore the last mile or 2.

Clearing on road


First switchback on gravel road


Quick lunch spot off the road


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