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рядом с Lüshui, Taiwan (Taiwan)

A Beautiful trail through the forest, waterfalls, and cliffs.
The trail is in good shape, but check out with the park authorities, it may be closed due to rains or rockfalls. A PERMIT IS REQUIRED.
There are many places that you need to climb on a rope or chain, not easy.

The hot springs are amazing! But you are not supposed to get there, beware: the stairs are slippery and in bad shape; also rockfalls may happen.

The last part of the trail is to get to Tianxiang, where the bus stops, is on the road.

It's about 4-5 hours trek, watch out not to miss the last bus.

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  • fman 22.01.2020

    On 22-1-2020 a permit was NOT required. There is a sign in the beginning of the trail that says the trail is closed after 2km but that is for the other trail starting in Lushui. We (family with 2 kids, age 9 and 4) found the trail adventures but not hard. Wenshan hot spring is accessible but not an easy way down . We hitched back to the bus station and recommend you do the same (unless you are fond of walking on a highway :)

  • Фото ArielMat

    ArielMat 22.01.2020

    I'm glad you gad a good time.

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