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Координаты 1545

Uploaded 24 августа 2015 г.

Recorded августа 2015

959 m
458 m
17,92 km

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рядом с  Lidečko, Zlín (Czech Republic)

First part of Javorníky mountain ridge trail. We´d started at Lidečko and finished at Makyta (unfortunately skipping the gorgeous rock formations of Pulčínské skály almost entirely due to going astray).

The website of Pulčínské skály (in czech)
Pulčínské skály, a view from the upper end cliffs.
Rock formations in the upper section of Pulčínské skály.
Peak of Hradisko in the upper section of Pulčínské skály.
A view of neigbouring mountain ranges.
Eastern (?) slopes of Javorníky mountain ridge.
Mountain pass of Valašská Kyčera.
The summit of Makyta (of 923,3 m elevation), our spot for the night. Info (in czech):


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