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8,1 km

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рядом с Les Diablerets, Canton de Vaud (Swiss Confederation)

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Walk through the lower part of the mountains north-west of Les Diablerets with detour to the Cascade du Torrent

This route starts at the bridge over the Grande Eau river close to the centre of Les Diablerets. After a short walk downstream we cross the river and leave the village via the uphill road Ch. du Plan. At the end of the road we turn left and right after passing a small bridge you will find the beginning of the trail that leads us to the Cascade du Torrent (see waypoiny "Start trail to Torrent waterfall"). The trail starts easy but is getting more and more difficult to follow, especially after a kind of cabin (see waypoint "Cabin") where a sign warns that you should only continue under guidance and even more so after a bridge (see waypoint "Bridge") that is improvisionally closed (but easy to pass) . The final part to the waterfall is very steep and the climbing-ropes that are placed there along the trail are indispensable (see one of the pictures). The award is however a beautiful view on the Torrent waterfall (see waypoint with same name) which carried, after a very wet spring, a lot of water. Since going further stream upwards is impossible, we walk back (difficult descent at the steep part!) to the start of the trail where we continue the route via the paved road.

The plan was to go to the peak "Isenau", but the weather turned ugly and it started to rain, so we decided to shorten the route and return to Les Diablerets via La Combe (see waypoint with same name). The trail that leads to La Combe crosses the river Torrent again and crosses as well a meadow where a huge Swiss bull kept an (angry) eye on us...

Return to the starting point via a small trail in between the chalets, passing the jardin Alpin of the local church (see waypoint "Jardin Alpin and church") and finally through the centre of Les Diablerets

The route without the detour to the Cascade du Torrent is easy, but as said before, the trail to the waterfall is difficult. Overall qualification: moderate.

- Total time: 2 hr 15 min

- Time in movement: 1 hr 55 min

- Average velocity in movement: 4,2 km/hr

- Recorded on 28/05/2013


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Храмовая архитектура

Jardin Alpin and church

28-MEI-13 16:20:38

La Combe

28-MEI-13 15:33:22

Start trail to Torrent waterfall

28-MEI-13 14:32:24

To 'La Combe'

28-MEI-13 15:33:22

Torrent Waterfall

28-MEI-13 14:50:33


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