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I started the Wikiloc app in the car - it was new, so I was trying it out! The marked route therefore also shows our drive from the cabana to the carabineros and back to the start of the trail. This means that the marker for the start of the hike should actually be where the end marker also is (at the Shangri-La park) - we did a complete circuit.

It took us 7.5 hours in total, including a 45 min lunch break at the lake, plus mini stops for catching our breath during the ascent and a slower walk down due to squished feet inside hiking boots :-)

The ascent does involve a fair amount of scrambling with hands and steep paths. However, I am scared of heights and I still managed it with some encouragement! It is completely exposed, so lots of suncream and water are essential. The walk down was much more straightforward and take you along the crest of the mountain before dropping down via sandy "horse trails" and through woods.

The trail is very well marked out with "unofficial" signposts - painted marks on rocks and piles of stones make it easy to see the route in both directions (although we did accidentally veer off track on the way down, dropping down onto what looked like a path when we should have continued along the crest - but we went back!).

This is an excellent hike, and I highly recommend it. We went mid-April and only met two other people at the lake. We had the route to ourselves at all times, and I have never heard such silence in my life!


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