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рядом с Benisivá, Valencia (España)

This is a really wonderful walk.

The Peny de la Foradada looks daunting at the start of the walk but the track is very pleasant.

The first part is along a concrete road along cherry orchards and olive groves and when the road becomes a track it is always relatively easy.

The climb to the plateau of the Foradada is impressive full of good views of the surroundings and you will continuously see the eye getting closer and becoming bigger.

After the second junction the track becomes somewhat steeper winding its way along the
rock face to the ridge at 640m.

At the next junction the track loses its steepness and gently goes to a kind of plateau at 680 metres from where the last climb begins to the eye at 738m.

A beautiful place indeed.

The next, longer part of the walk along the ridge goes a litlle up and down with the sun behind you all the time giving you a good light to enjoy the scenery.

After the track passes some ruins it turns sharply to the left at El Passet and you will descend along a very beautiful track with the steep rockface to the left of you and the sheer depth to the valley to the right. This track is easy too and leads you back to the first junction.

A beautiful walk to discover the beauty of the Vall de Gallinera.


A few places

Photo La Foradada


Photo Benitailla


Junction 1


Junction 2




View Penya Alta and caves


View Moro Casa


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