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Descent from Korab summit to Radomire along the northern side of the mountain. It’s longer than the typical southern ascent, but it takes you through some spectacular scenery! There are local footpaths to follow for much of the way. This route is definitely for those looking for something a bit more adventurous and challenging. It does give you more level sections to catch a breather and just take in some of the scenery. Good shoes are recommended as there are lots of rocky paths.

I will say I wouldn't suggest this for younger or more inexperienced hikers. The route can be tricky at times, making it rough for kids, and there are several sections that lack a distinct trail. More explanation below

The section just before summiting is quite rough. Mostly just full of rock slides and snow patches that were likely from avalanches. You may be better served by taking the route the palm tree productions people took around that area. You can scramble down/up by generally following our trail, but it can be dangerous and that landscape is changing from year to year I'm sure.

Trail markings aided portions of this trail, but we either missed their turns regularly or its not consistently marked. We aren't certain, but its kinda hard to truly get lost. you mostly are following the valley around , and if you generally follow our route you should be fine.


First stretch coming down is a lot of rocks and snow banks. I would think this is always changing. Stick fairly close to our trail but avoid snow and find the safest looking route. Not any discernible trails.

Amazing water

Some of the best water I’ve ever had


Found a more official looking trail. Not sure where it started it goes haha


Tried a route off the path here in this field. Don’t do it. Stay on the path.

Cool part

Pretty trail


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