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рядом с Moúntros, Crete (Greece)

Great 5hr walking trail through two beautiful gorges full of trees and a lively walking experience!
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Start - Finish

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Moundros Gorge

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End of Moundros Gorge

Follow the road N & NW heading towards Vilandredo village (approx. 2km), untill you reach the stream where you enter the trail leading to the Vilandredo Gorge.
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Vilandredo Gorge

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End of Vilandredo Gorge

After the exit you follow the steep cement road heading NE until you reach the crossroad leading to the abandoned settlement of Nisi on the right and Mountros Village on the left.

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  • Фото paul van den berg

    paul van den berg 28.04.2019

    Я был на этом маршруте  проверенный  Посмотреть еще

    Beautifull gorges. We were here end april. The water was quite high so we had to cross the stream up to 100 times. It took us 6,5 hours.
    Take at the end of the second george the road to th left and join this route after the little bridge.

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