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рядом с Jut’a, Poti (Georgia)

Juta-Chaukhi pass
Zeta camping
5th season hut
River crossing
Juta lake

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  • Фото amazingpennycat

    amazingpennycat 26.07.2019

    I have followed this trail  проверенный  View more

    We made this hike few days ago . The scenery was amazing we loved it !
    The first part is a little bit steep, but after that , no difficulty.
    We had trouble thought with the river crossing. We cannot cross where the author did. There was big storm the nights before, and the level of water was quite high , it doesn't felt secure at all. We had to cross much higher , near the pub and the lake , there was a little handmade wooden bridge .
    After the pub, the track can be difficult to follow . There was sometimes few different paths , some were rights , some fainteds and some we are not sure that some hikers created their shortwalk themselves .

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