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рядом с Petra, Ma’an (Jordan)

This trail start from a little bit after the visitor center on the left and goes through the treasury from above and the high place of sacrifice.
Prepare good shoes.

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  • prosekto 06.11.2018

    Thanks to you Julien we manage this trail without guide. We did it in opposite direction. It's very beautiful walk.
    Thank you.
    PS. I think is worth to add in the discripton that route finish behind the theater - next to the shop called Why not shop.

  • prosekto 06.11.2018

    Thank to this trail we manage it without problem. Good effort Julien. Thank you.

  • Фото MariannaCh

    MariannaCh 06.01.2019

    I wish I had seen this trail before i got lost there :)

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