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Credit to www.janapar.com

Day 4: Karmir Shuka to Avetaranots
Marked Section, 15km, medium difficulty

Overview: Walk up from Karmir Shuka to the massive 2,000 year old tree, then head down and west to Avetaranots, also known as Chanakhchi.

Starting in Karmir Shuka, head along the highway to the last building in the town on your right. Make an immediate right heading up the trail after this building.

Follow the trail up to the huge, 2,000 year old tree. Continue along the trail which heads past the tree and then down to the highway again. You follow the highway for about 2.5km before turning off to your left on a smaller road towards Avetaranots.

This turnoff is about 200 meters before hitting the main marked entrance road in to Avetaranots.

Follow the trail markings along this road. You'll have to walk through the river once or twice. You will eventually come to a waterfall area. Enjoy the water, but don't let the leeches enjoy you. Continue along the clear road without any turnoffs, straight into Avetaranots Village.

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