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Day 3: Azokh to Karmir Shuka
Marked section, 11km, medium difficulty

Overview: Explore the Azokh Cave, head over the mountain through Shekher, and down through the fields to Karmir Shuka.

Check out the Azokh cave above the village, before heading down to the main highway. There is a small WWII memorial where the highway has about a 90 degree bend. At this memorial, you head uphill through the main road of the village, past a couple of small shops, and to the end of the village.
Follow the markers as you continue to ascend, sometimes through stream beds which will be wet in the spring, until the top of the mountain.

You'll start to head down and eventually on your left you may notice a small grave/shrine where people come to light candles. There will also be some remains of animals that were sacrificed at this spot as offerings - usually the legs of chickens or lambs tied to the trees. Past this, in 5 or 10 minutes you'll come out of the forest and onto the dirt road again, where there will be some nice views of the valley below.

You'll quickly reach and pass through Shekher village and the trail takes you to a point where you hit the highway. You do not really walk along the highway at this point, you turn left at the petrol station there and head back through the field. There will be few markings, but not many. You continue pretty straight however and at the first real fork/intersection which comes pretty soon you keep right. Again go straight until the road dead ends at another road/intersection where you make a left.

Continue along that dirt road until it hits the river. You can either pass a couple dozen meters before the road hits the river - where you'll find a big pipe and wire to hold which will get you across nice and dry. Or if the river level is low enough you can cross through and continue up the road a few dozen meters to the highway, where you turn left and immediately enter Karmir Shuka.

Info on Azokh Services: http://www.janapar.org/wiki/Azokh

Info on Shekher Village Services: http://www.janapar.org/wiki/Shekher

Info on Karmir Shuka Services: http://www.janapar.org/wiki/Karmir_Shuka

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