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Credit to http://www.janapar.org for gps tracks and information.

Beta (to be edited on route):
Start of Janapar trail: Hadrut, Xocavənd Rayonu, Azerbaijan
Marked section, 16km, Medium difficulty

Day 1: Hadrut -> Togh
Catching a ride to the main southern town of Hadrut, you can go up to Spitak Khach Vank above town to light a candle before setting out.

In Hadrut, you head towards the only working church (yekeghetsi), which is in a neighborhood called Yerebazaar (upper market). You'll see the blue trail markers by the church, which you can follow up into the hills. As you come immediately out of Hadrut the markers are slightly less frequent, until you reach a clearer road. On the right will be some fences with more markers. You'll pass farms on the right, and reach a bigger intersection. You go left at this intersection and start climbing. (a diversion to the right will take you to an old simple church). Some of the markers beyond this are on electrical poles. You go all the way to the top and reach a better dirt road and head right towards the highway. (Left would take you to a different trail to distant Katoravank).

Hitting the highway, go left along the highway about 50 meters and then the trail goes off to right. There is a marker on the electrical pole and on the highway divider. From there you go down. You reach the intersection for Tsakuri. Don't turn right into the village, go onto the highway downhill for a while until you reach the first left towards Taghut village. Take that turnoff. You go through Taghut village, down the hill, crossing the bridge, you enter Togh village. When you enter the village, the trail hits the main road of the village.

Togh has a local winery that produces red dry wine from the local grape variety Khndoghni (Խնդողնի). It is sold chilled at the petrol/benzine station north of the village on the highway turnoff, in 1.5 liter bottles for 1,200 dram (about $3) and is good.


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