1 037 m
678 m
43,99 km

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рядом с Skaftafell, Austurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Starting the day walking up the sides of the hill/mountain and on to the glacier. This is to avoid having to cross endless number of creeks / small rivers which the glaciers creates. The glacier should be easy to cross (I did not take crampons with me, as they are hardly needed, given that you have decent boots on your feet . . .). The tough part is getting off the glacier, as there will be pools of quicksand and glacier-mud to cross. This is where hiking poles come handy - to check if the "ground" ahead holds or not. Most likely, the river Svedja will be hard/impossible to cross. If so, then camp by that river and start walking in the wee hours - if you can cross, then walk some 6 - 8 km before camping. The rest of the walk to Jokulheimar is easy. And again - even if I crossed the river Svedja where the track shows, this does not mean that there is a ford there now.


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