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рядом с  Podhradní Lhota, Zlín (Czech Republic)

Winter trek across the massif of Kelčský Javorník, the summit of Čerňava and Tesák mountain pass.
There´s nothing but a couple of terrain mounds left of Zubříč castle.
Another castle ruin just a few hundred metres away from Zubříč. Though not much left of it as well.
Forrest trails crossing.
The highest mountain of Hostýn Hills (elevation of 865m). The topographic isolation has been as much as 26km. Summit info (in Czech)
There´s a 35m high watchtower at the summit providing excellent views of Beskydy, Javorníky and Jeseníky mountain ranges as well as of Haná plateau and Chřiby hills (unless there´s fog all over the top of it).
The summit of Čerňava (elevation of 844m).
There´s a couple of restaurants and accommodation facilities. The mountain pass is easily accessible by car.


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