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Circular route from Guisando to Arenas de San Pedro, which can be started in any of the two villages. Apart from the part between waypoints "C" and "D" the route follows paths and unsurfaced roads in good condition. Actually, the part between those two waypoints can be omitted (which will reduce the total distance to about 14 km) because it has a dead end: we wanted to go to the Puente Pelayos (Ctra. Arenas-Candeleda) and return to Guisando via the left bank of Rio Pelayos, but due the dense vegetation close to the Rio Pelayos it was impossible to reach that bridge (even though a trail was indicated on my map of that area). Therefore, we had to return to waypoint "C" and go to Guisando via the trail on the other bank of the Rio Pelayos. If somebody finds the path between waypoint "D" and the bridge: please send me the GPS data!
The GPS data between waypoints "A" and "B" are inaccurate (I don´t know why, but sometimes my GPS goes nuts), both in position and in height. This should however not cause any problem when using this route, because you can simply follow the unsurfaced road untill waypoint "B" where you have to take the path downhill and where - miraculously - the GPS data are accurate again. The maximum height of the route is on the part between waypoints "A" and "B" and is not the indicated 932 m, but approx. 850 m.

- Route milestones: Guisando (780 m) - Ctra. Usero (850 m) - Camino Forestal del Lancharon - Embalse de Riocuevas - Arenas de San Pedro (500 m)- Senda de Pescadores - Falda de Guadyerbas (720 m) - Guisando

- Moving time: 3hr 50 min
- Moving average: 4,0 km/hr

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Embalse de Ríocuevas

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  • Фото jesusssiko

    jesusssiko 12.04.2016

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    Conseguí pintar la distancia entre tu puntos C y D, por el antiguo sendero que viene marcado en los mapas, aunque tuve que abrirme camino con mucha dificultad. Al final cumplí objetivo y trace una ruta en 8 sobre el río Pelayo.


    Un saludo Koolloos


    AMDEARRIBA 30.01.2018

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    Muy bonito el entorno

  • Фото Samandbobby

    Samandbobby 03.05.2018

    Would it be possible to cycle this? I'm heading there with family in August.

You can or this trail