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рядом с Torremocha de Jarama, Madrid (España)

No way, no track

This stage was meant to be an easy one. Late departure from Torremocha de Jarama. Nice country lanes to Torrelaguna with stunning backgrounds and terribly green fields all around us. We had to hurry not to be caught by the rain and lightning that was coming after us.
Had a good lunch in Alfoli de la Sal and decided to continue to hike again, which we usually don’t. But this was only another 9 km with one climb to La Cabrera so no worries.
However, the track posed us some serious problems. First the marks slowly fainted away then disappeared all together and finally even the smallest of paths did once we were near the top of the climb. The spring flowers, bushes and plants had overgrown the path that wasn’t clear in the first place.
Luckily we had Guillemjunyent here on Wikiloc and FrankRevelo on Pocketearth to guide us. After an hour of searching an area plowing through thick bushes we found the pista rural that, after some six fences, lead us towards La Cabrera. Once the path was clear again, the GR-marks appeared again. Too late, we thought.
We read that there will be another route for this part of the GR10 but it’s not established for the moment. So you will have to do with Wikiloc, gps and some crawling through bushes.
In La Cabrera we are staying in Alojamientos Botica Rural. Very functional apartment!
We are walking the GR10 across Spain from Puçol (near Valencia) all the way to the Spanish/Portuguese border. We started March 21th 2018 and hope to finish at the end of June.
10 km to La Cabrera. Probably tomorrow because of the extensive lunch plus wine...
We used another one but you can Go thru this one next to little building too
€59 for a functional apartment with kitchen and terrace. Good value for money. It’s behind the pharmacy and the owners of the pharmacy are the owners of the apartments.


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