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рядом с Golf del Sur, Canarias (España)

This is not a recommended trail. It starts in Golf de Sur which is the worst place on Earth. The path follows the coast out of GdeS but then you come to a locked gate blocking the trail which means you have to cross a bay which I think won’t be possible unless it’s low tide. The inland route is pretty dull and we found ourselves in a rubbish tip at one point. Montaña Amarilla is nice enough and the cliffs there are amazing though we got a bit off trail towards the end and had to scramble a bit. The next 1k was pretty nice, but then you’re back in boring terrain and the dreaded Golf de Sur.

Whilst the walk definitely has som highlights I recommend that you just drive to Montaña Amarilla , walk along the rocks, do a bit of coastline then go back the same way.


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