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Uploaded 24 июля 2011 г.

Recorded июля 2011

2 735 m
1 725 m
24,23 km

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рядом с Bogreshi, Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Georgia)

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  • mikelneve 30.07.2011

    Hi michalh! Looks a nice walk! I'm going to svaneti this summer and have a few questions... Did you find any ice on your way? Maybe higher?
    Are paths well defined or did you have to find out your own route? Thanks!

  • Фото michalh

    michalh 31.07.2011

    Hello Mike, thanks for comment. We didn't find any ice as our highest altitude was something around 2700 meters. But if you are planning to go higher, you will definitely find a lot of ice :). Paths are not defined at all, but sometimes you can see stones with yellow mark - I am not sure what did it mean, but sometimes it heled. I would recommend you to download offline maps into phone (I am using Android, so in my case it was OruxMaps). When travelling to Svaneti, you can safe a lot of time by using plane from Tbilisi to Mestia. I have no details about that, but I am sure you can google it easily. Good luck.

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