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Description of the trail

The trail starts from the area of Stone Lake (Kari Lich), which is located in Aragatsotn marz of RA. The slopes of Aragats should be rised 30km with a sinuous narrow asphalt road by taxi. After getting used to the site and seeing the panorama of Mount Aragats and Lake Kari, you will connect to the main route through the Aragats research station and walk to the medieval Amberd complex.
From the Stone Lake to the Amberd highway you will see all the mountains images and picturesque nature occupying the central position. After stopping at the historic Amberd castle, you will continue the way to Yerevan by any means of transportation.

Description of the Monuments

The Aragats massif
Mount Aragats is considered to be the highest point of the Republic of Armenia at 4090 m from sea level. The circumference of the base is about 200 km, and the mount occupies 4,000 km2 with its roaring slopes. Aragats has been one of the largest volcanoes in the world. On the inclines of Aragats have been preserved old traces of ancient culture: irrigation network, fishing rocks called "dragon" symbolizing water cult, and remarkable structures of medieval architecture (Amberd, Byurakan, etc.). It has a 400 m deep and 3 km diameter giant crater and four pillars. The highest is the northern peak with 4090 m height on the sea level. The second is the western peak (3995.3m), the third is the eastern peak (3908.2m) and, finally, the fourth peak(the South 3887.8m).

Lake Sevan (Kari Lich)
The lake is named Kari for two reasons: first, it is surrounded with flat and sharp-edge stones, second, its water is cold like the stone. This mountain lake in Armenia is covered by snow and ice until mid-July. The lake is with 3200 m height of the sea level.

"Aragats" scientific station
The Aragats Research Station was founded by the Alikhanyan brothers. It is a unique place for this region of the world. The Alikhanyan brothers started research on rays composed of elementary particles coming from the Sun, stars and other parts of the Universe. For that reason they founded the cosmic ray station on Mount Aragats, in the summer of 1942. This Station was the first mountain station in the Soviet Union. Here, at the slopes of Mount Aragats, they were the first in the world, to discover protons in cosmic rays with new, unknown elementary particles and great energy. This discovery played an important role in revealing the secrets of cosmic rays.

Amberd Medieval fortress and castle
It was built during the 10th century in the historical marz of Aragatsotn, 7km to the north from Byurakan village (on the southern incline of Mount Aragats) at the connecting point of Arshakhen and Amberd rivers, at the altitude of 2,300 meters in relation to the sea level. The principals of the fortification building of medieval Armenia are reflected in this castle.
The castle and some parts of the fortress were built in the 7th century by the Kamsarakan family. In the 10th century it passed to Pahlavuni princes and became the possession of Bagratuni’s Kingdom as an important military base. Amberd lost its significance after the Turkish-Tatar invasions, moreover, it became a deserted building during the reign Tamerlane in the late 14th century. The church of Amberd was built in 1026 during the ruling period of Vahram Pahlavuni.

On the way back you can also visit

The Armenian Alphabet Monument after M. Mashtots
The Armenian Alphabet Monument is located on the eastern slope of Mount Aragats, near Artashavan village in Aragatsotn province, on the left side of the Yerevan-Aparan highway. The Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots, a prominent linguist, religious and political leader between 405-406 and has been used for Armenian writing ever since. His goal was to make the Bible accessible for Armenians to spread Christianity. The monument was built in 2005 to commemorate the 1,600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet. It features 39 beautifully ornamented letters of the alphabet and statues of key Armenian figures. Each letter is 1.5m-2m high.
According to tradition, anyone who visits this monument takes a photo with the first letter of their name. By the Monument, you can see the statues of the great minds of Armenia – Mesrop Mashtots (with the letters in his hands), Grigor Lusavorich (holding the cross beyond), Anania Shirakatsi (a symbol of the earth and the universe in his left hand), Mkhitar Gosh (with the book in his hands), Khachatur Abovyan (writer) and Hovhannes Tumanyan (writer).

Saghmosavank Monastery is located in Saghmosavan village of Aragatsotn marz. It is located in the edge of the deep Kasakh river canyon. Gigantic Mount Ara is on the back side of Saghmosavank. Mount Ararat is on the western side of the church. Mount Aragats, which is the highest mount in Armenia (4095m), is on the northern side of the church. The Saghmosavank manuscript repository was built in 1255 and there are khachkars (cross-stones) on the western facade of the monastery. The complex is comprised of the St. Sion and St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) churches, a book depository, and a narthex.

The St. Sion church is the main church of the complex. It is a cross-shaped, domed church that differs from other churches built in that epoch by the layout of the narthex. The eastern part of the church features an altar and niches inside the walls.

Hovhannavank Monastery is located in Ohanavan village of Aragatsotn marz. It is beautifully perched on a gorge, high above the right bank of the Kasagh river. The monastery overlooks Mount Ara and the Geghama Mountains in the south. Over different periods of time, the monastery used to maintain vast plowlands, gardens, pastures, mills, and villages. Hovhannavank was built in the 5th - 13th centuries. It also used to be a significant center for Armenian writing, with a rich library. Some of the manuscripts created there are still preserved to this day.

The semi-desert, dry mountain grasslands and alpine zones follow each other up the slopes of Aragats. Rivers, flowing through beautiful gorges and valleys covered will low grasses, create small waterfalls in some places. People come here from all over, to behold Aragats, enjoy the alpine zone of the Mount, and to see the meadows decorated with colourful flowers, such as blue forget-me-nots, alpine violets, wild lilies, poppies, bellflowers, and more. The flora of Amberd and the Amberd gorge differs from the nature of Aragats. In spring and summer the nature awakens here, and in autumn the colours of forest trees and shrubs create a perfect palette. Both sides of the road from Byurakan to the Armenian Alphabet Monument are covered with forests, where people spend their holidays.

You may come across foxes, wolves, rodents and rabbits. During very hot days, there are lots of reptiles (lizards, snakes), and rarely turtles.

Security issues
In Armenian Alphabet Monument and from Stone Lake to Amberd, Ucom and Viva Cell-Mts mobile connections are always available․ In case of an accident 911 rescue services operate in Armenia 24/7. Beware of the dogs protecting the flock of sheep.

Trail technical parameters
Best period: May – October
Distance: 60 km from Yerevan
Duration: 1 hour 30 min, by M1
Cost: 6000 AMD (1km=100AMD)
Hike trail length: 13 km
Hike run: 4.5 hours
Height from sea level: 2300-3200m
Buy bottled water and take it with you

How to get to the trail
From Yerevan to Stone Lake (Kari Lich) can be reached by taxi. The distance is 70km and the cost is 10000AMD. Please use the taxies which have counters installed. Taxies throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Alternative vehicles do not work.

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