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рядом с Omalo, Akhmetis Raioni (Georgia)

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Великолепная 5-дневная прогулка, соединяющая одни из самых красивых горных деревень в Грузии и пересечение 3431-метрового перевала Ацунта. Моя любимая часть находится за перевалом Ацунта, идя по хребту Хидотани с прекрасными видами во всех направлениях.

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Omalo village


Dartlo village



Camp at Kvakhidi meadows


Atsunta pass

3431 meters, border between Tusheti and Khevsureti

Camp at Khidotani ridge



Mutso fortress




18 комментариев

  • Фото Beyond Action

    Beyond Action 20.07.2015

    AWESOME! I am looking forward to do same trail in October do you have a means of transfer in the way back from Shatili to Omalo?

  • Фото Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 20.07.2015

    Hello, once in Shatili, you dont have to return to Omalo as there is a marshrutka from Shatili to Tbilisi.
    However, in October is Tusheti quite deserted as most shepherds leave it at the end of September.

  • Arne Deodatus 11.01.2016

    Я был на этом маршруте  Посмотреть еще

    Beautiful trek, first few days are still on dirt track which is too bad. The pass is beautiful and the descent after that even more so

  • harmank1 23.05.2016

    Hi, is the way to Omalo open by the end of May this year? Thanks!

  • Фото Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 23.05.2016

    Yes, road to Omalo is already open. However, Atsunta pass is usually not passable at this period, still too much snow on the trail.

  • harmank1 23.05.2016

    Thanks a lot :) you have a great site!

  • madzik03 10.05.2017


    Do you know if the road to Omalo is already open this year or when will it be open? We are planning to drive there (in 4x4 of course) around 10th of June so still a month to go but I am anxious to learn about conditions. Any information very warmly welcome!

  • Фото Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 15.05.2017

    Hi, the trail is not open yet, but should be opened in next 7-10 days.

  • madzik03 15.05.2017

    Thank you very much :)

  • Фото iamshamil

    iamshamil 18.05.2017

    Hi, i planning this route in this summer. Iam alone. One person can join me, if someone want, contact with me.

  • Фото Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 21.05.2017

    Hi madzik, bad news. The river took some 500 meters of the road behind the rangers station, they are working on it, but the road is still not open yet. By current plans, it will be made accesible in the early June

  • madzik03 21.05.2017

    Thank you so so much! I appreciate your help. I plan to be there around the 10th of June. Could you please let me know how the situation evolves?
    Once again many thanks!

  • Фото Caucasus Trekking

    Caucasus Trekking 21.05.2017

    Hi madzik, I post updates about the situation on my fb page - https://www.facebook.com/caucasustrekking/

  • madzik03 21.05.2017


  • danielohman 29.06.2017

    hi we are planning to hike omalo to shatili starting tomorrow (june 30) or saturday july first. We would like to take the alternate route on the ridge ghili to parsma. is it possible to find water on the way there?

  • Фото Karl Alber

    Karl Alber 17.09.2018

    Hi is tusheti region at all accessible in late october/early november?

  • Фото Sunkmanitu

    Sunkmanitu 06.07.2019

    Я был на этом маршруте  Посмотреть еще

    We have done it on horseback. It's the best way to do it ;)

  • Фото danidomingovitx

    danidomingovitx 05.09.2019

    Я был на этом маршруте  Посмотреть еще

    Hi Jozef! I wanted to thank you for your amazing work with caucasus-trekking.com (couldnt post it there as i am not a facebook user).

    I hiked for a week in Tusheti and Khevsureti in august. I did the Omalo-Shatili trek and then my own combination of several of your tracks (Kistani-Kalatano-Akhielli-Roshka pass-Sadzelisghele pass-Abudelauri-Chaukhi-Juta) and your page has helped a great deal to prepare it all.

    Amazing work.
    All the best.

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