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  • Фото End of the first riverbed
  • Фото Hill with a impressively big tree
  • Фото Begin of the second river
  • Фото Suffocating love

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This is a very beautiful trail along a riverbed which gives you the great opportunity of hiking without a guide through the jungle.
The trail starts from the MayaBell Hotel close to the ruins in Palenque - you can probably cross the property with asking at the reception. We stayed here in camping and discovered the river next to our tent.
It is a very beautiful and sometimes difficult trail through the forest.
You can follow it pretty easily since we only followed two rivers which was mostly dry in January 2018, so normal hiking-boots were sufficient.
If you are looking for a 2-5 hour hike through a beautiful, untouched and very lonely forest - here is a trail for you. We are very happy to have found it and to be able to share it here. Hopefully someone will use this chance, since it is almost impossible to find longer hikes through the jungle without paying ridiculously high prices for a guided tour.
The end of the trail is a little bit tough but you can turn around whenever you want. The sometimes chaotic tracking is owed to the observation of the rich wildlife you will find on the trail.
If you have it, take a machete and binoculars with you.
Enjoy and keep recording!

End of the first riverbed

From here you can proceed straight to the second riverbed which is ahead of you if you follow the direction you hiked up. Marked as waypoint 3

Hill with a impressively big tree


Begin of the second river

You can directly lass from waypoint 1 to this waypoint (3) if you don't want to walk up the little hill.

Suffocating love

At this tree of suffocating love we ended with our exploration. You can climb up further more I guess but it gets pretty dense.


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