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рядом с Roche, Andalucía (España)

For this walk we parked our car in the car park very near the Faro de Roche and walked down the road to the harbour and around the bend in the road to the left where you see an information board with the walk called 'Sendero de Roche'.

This track leads you through a quiet part with some beautiful scenery, characterised by pine trees, eucalyptus trees and sandy tracks. There are several paths and tracks to choose from but we took one which leads you along the outskirts of Roche.

Once we reached the road to Roche, which comes from the N340, we took a narrow pah to the right next to the road until we came upon a wide track to the left. After this track gets to a crossroads we took the first narrow track to the left, indicated with a yellow marked signpost.

This part of the walk is very beautiful indeed and once you get closer to the coast you will see the first buildings of Novo Sancti Petri arise.

Reaching the road we went to the Torre de Puerco, an all around viewpoint. You can easily see the Islote (small island) de Sancti Petri from there and even further to Cádiz.

We slided down the rock on the leftside and continued our walk along the beach, the Playa de Barrosa and enjoyed the beautiful dunes and small cliffs to the left. Reaching Roche we continued walking on the beach until we reached a track that led us to the Playa y Calas de Roche, another viewpoint.

Going down to the beach again we continued until there was no more beach and we had to climb the rocks. (If you don't want to do that you could take the last steps up from the beach to the Avenida Italia.)

Going down the the rocks again we came upon the small beach under the big hotel Il Union. There we went up the steps and continued along a narrow path that led us to the TransAndalus, a 2000 km mountainbike track.

Once you reach that track you can follow it to the lighthouse or take some of the small paths closer to the edge of the cliff and you will come upon a number of bays (Calas) where steps go down to the beach.

Reaching the Faro de Roche you will have another beautiful viewpoint looking upon the beaches and the cliffs all the way to Cabo Trafalgar and the Parque Natural de La Breña Y Marismas Del Barbate situated on the almost 200 metre-high- hill above Los Caños de Meca, which is another wonderful starting point for beautiful walks.

Parking Place Faro de Roche

This is a large parking place from which several paths and stairs give access to the beach.

Pasarela 2




La Torre del Puerco


Playa y Calas de Roche

an all around view.

Cala del Frailecillo

steps towards the beach

Cala del Pato

steps towards the beach


steps towards the beach


steps towards the beach


    You can or this trail