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Faraya-Afqa Grotto Cave-Al Aqoura Mountain Heights/Saydet El Habes-Chabrouh Lake-Faraya(Nabaa El Asal) 2 Days Extreme Trekking Trail

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One of my Beautiful Extreme Trekking Trails Alone in Nature!

This Wonderful trail starts first day at Nabaa El Asal(Honey Spring) in Faraya going all the way to Afqa Grotto Cave then the hardest part of this trail starts from there towards the Mountain Heights of Al Aqoura including Saydet Sehta Church with continuous gain in elevation, touching 2000m with Stunning views and overall amazing atmosphere, although everytime you say the ascents ended another one appears😂, only some 5km from Al Aqoura village real descent starts on the last part of this day...

The hardness of this first day that after already hiked 20km, the consistent ascents get tougher on the second part, covering at end over 43km total distance!

Advice to fill your whole water need from Nabaa El Asal, as later on no water or clean water on all paths of this trail except one at end, although I searched for some, others had constructions near, not worth the risk.
Only clean water is until Al Aqoura village spring(fill from here for your second day too) where accommodation was at Sisters of the Holy Family.

After barely getting little rest from first day of 43km, second day of strenuous technical trail starts at Sisters of the holy family in Al Aqoura village toward the Wonderful Saydet El Habes, from there descend on long stairs then take the path all the way to Nabaa El Hosn where starts the continous steep ascents reaching wide open area of all around mountains and peaks..totally wild nature..all the path is unmarked, follow my trail gpx accurately and be very careful, the terrain is very rough jumping on rocks, stones + muddy slippery ground..all the way for dozen+ of kms.
Stunning view from Mountain Heights at Chabrouh Lake where I took the path of full muddy ground, actually in lake water, you can go through the upper right easier path..

This is an Extreme Trek, involving extreme elevation gain and long distance, very technical trail for Experts+ only.

You can hike part of this trail according to your hiking level.

Feel free to DM me for any questions..

***Watch all my new adventures exclusively on my youtube channel😍 https://bit.ly/3v5bbei

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