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рядом с Tostón, Canarias (España)

A beautiful track along the northern seaside of the island. Really recommendable! I started at 10.30am. If you want to, take the way to Faro de Cotillo - you'll see a peaceful, not overcrowded place to sit down for a while. Pay attention to the sculptures all around you which are builded by hikers. Then follow the sandy road unfortunately accompanied by lots of cars. Please beware of the sandclouds which follow the cars - hold on breathing for a moment ;). That's why I chose the intersection to the left in the small village Majanicho. This is not a sandy street anymore but a stony way. That was a really good decision because you can see so much incredible waves with surfers on top and lonely bays. And you'll be alone on this way - that is an advantage. Then joining the sandy road again, you see beautiful landscape and mountains. After 5.15mins I reached the Corralejo bus station and took the bus no. 8 back to El Cotillo after a coffee in the cafeteria on the other side of the street Avenida Juan Carlos.
Advise: take sunprotection, enough water (at least 2ltrs p.p.) and a lunch package with you, because there is no possibility to get anything on the way except you ask some of the driving tourists or surfers ;)
Beautyful view to the beach of cotillo
Leave the main road and follow the Sandy street to the right
Faro de Cotillo
Leave the trail to the left to not join the main road again
Turn right to join the main road and see faro de cotillo
Place to swim, but crowded
Nice sculptures around faro
Nice sculptures around faro
The point where the wave from both sides meet! So nice and peaceful
Good stop for surfing
Obviously a spot to learn surfing :)
Caleta Beatriz
Nice place to stay for couple of minutes
Parque Hollandés
View to Lanzarote
View to Lanzarote
Playa el Hierro
Really nice place to stay for a while, have some lunch or go swimming and surfing
Entrance to Majanicho
Have this wonderful view to Lanzarote
Nice but dangerous spot for surfing
Beautiful view!
See isla del lobos


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