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Uploaded 21 февраля 2010 г.

Recorded февраля 2010

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708 m
18,77 km

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рядом с Capartice, Plzeňský Kraj (Czech Republic)

Winter hike in Cesky les (Bohemian Forest). About 0,5 - 1 meter snow but good hard surface, so we climbed from Vyhledy to Cerchov peek and Ceska studanka and back. Half sunny, half snowfall during the day.
21-UNR-10 10:43:15
21-UNR-10 10:50:55
21-UNR-10 11:15:03
21-UNR-10 11:43:01
21-UNR-10 12:47:09
21-UNR-10 13:34:26
21-UNR-10 13:44:54
0771-Baaruv Pamatnik Na Vyhledech
Babylonsky Ryb.
Cerchov 1042 M
1016-Ceska Studanka-Cerchov
Hotel Vyhledy
Klenci Pod Cerchovem

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  • Фото laurazup

    laurazup 19.11.2018

    Hi! Loved the Photos! Is this walk still possible to do? I want to go in january.

  • Фото Petr_Sedlacek@centrum.cz

    Petr_Sedlacek@centrum.cz 20.11.2018

    Hello, it is nice to hear from you. I hope January can work but it depends on amount of snow in that time. It could happend that there will be no snow at all, then it is easy but not so nice :) . On the other hand if lot of fresh snow is laying there, some parts of the trail would be impossible without ski. Generally, be carefull and avoid walking in a ski trail as you demage it. But if you take the cross country ski, everything will be fine, you will easy do it and you will even be faster and have a chance to go to further places in the vinicity. Enjoy! and send me message then. Petr

  • Фото laurazup

    laurazup 20.11.2018

    Thank you very much for your answer! I want so badly to do a walking in the Bohemian Forest! I hope it won’t be a lot of snow because I don’t have a cross country sky... If you have another recommendation I will be deeply grateful!

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