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рядом с Castell'Azzara, Toscana (Italia)

Castell Azzara, Rund um den Monte Civitella

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  • Фото Supereffe

    Supereffe 01.06.2012

    Nice walk around a mountain in the heart of the toscany. The area around is beautiful. The little centre of Azzara invites for an icecream or cappuchino. Nero enjoyed the short walk - as we did too - and was tired after. The pictures are in the wrong order - maybe an upload mistake. Correct is: 5,4,3,2,1,6! Breathtaking view to the mount amiata - the etruscian cave is closed, but you can look inside. At KM 5 there is a big picknik area where you can make bbq!!! Perfect for a large group!!! Hope you like!!! Best wishes Nero and Michael (strongest man alive ;-) )

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