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BritishForrest Park-luzitCaves
We parked in the British forrest, just off of route 38. We walked down to the Bell caves, then back up in a loop trail.
March 3rd was already too hot for the stretch of trail with no shade!
I suggest going to visit the caves by car first, then drive around to the British park and do a hike (North-South) through the nice shaded forrests. There are tons of shady trails to choose from and you could do 20 or 30km in the forrested area.
The area around the caves was farm land, cow pasture and flies...lots of flies!
All in all, it is a great area to go for a hike and explore the caves.
The peak in the park gives great views of all central Israel. You can see Tel-Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon on the coast and Hebron and Jerusalem on the East.


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