• Фото Bonavista CURACAO
  • Фото Bonavista CURACAO
  • Фото Bonavista CURACAO
  • Фото Bonavista CURACAO
  • Фото Bonavista CURACAO
  • Фото Bonavista CURACAO

Moving time  2 часов 32 минут

Время  4 часов 12 минут

Координаты 1838

Uploaded 11 ноября 2018 г.

Recorded ноября 2018

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74 m
7 m
10,5 km

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рядом с Bonavista (Curacao)

This hike began on the main road... just beyond the entrance to Kokomo... on the opposite side of the street.
We were following a maps.me trail.
When we did this, it was just after a lot of rain in Oct/Nov. The dry desert of Curacao was more like a rainforest... green and with lots of mud and water! (see photos attached)
It took us around the garbage dump/land fill area...
We ended up on a rough, overgrown trail. We had heard some trails were overgrown, so we just "cut" our way through.
The only problem was that we reached the locked gate of RANCHO ALEGRE. The owners were kind enough to let us through, but they did tell us we had been on private land and there were signs posted. NOTE: On our route, we did not see any signs... because we would have respected them!
So... it was a lovely hike... but if you opt to do it, DO NOT follow the end to the Ranch!!! Take some of the other optional trails along the way to exit!!!

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  • HvdSchaft 28.09.2019

    I have followed this trail  проверенный  View more

    Trail is niet meer in zijn geheel te volgen ivm overwoekerende struiken met doorns

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