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рядом с Inversnaid, Scotland (United Kingdom)

There are two Ben Vorlich, this is the one close to Loch Lomond, and is also a Munro. You can park at Inveruglas visitor centre (for free). There is a pedestrian path from the car park, so you don't need to walk on the road.
Don't miss the turn to start the climb after 3-4km of road (there is a waypoint on my track).
Due to weather conditions, rain, fog and very windy (it nearly pushed me off the path a couple of time, and I'm not a light person), I didn't reach the summit, but I was very close and the path is clearly marked.
On the way down the fog cleared, but it was still windy.
There is no dangerous areas or anything like that, just a bit muddy overall.


Car park, for free


Here you get off the road and you turn right to start the climb. I missed it due to the rain, so that's why on my track I continue on the road and then return back


    You can or this trail