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Two days trekking from Hospital de Parzan to Piau Engaly sky ressort through the Circo de Barrosa and the Cirque de Barroude. Activity undertaken during the first week of August 2013 with excellent weather conditions. This hike can be done in just one long day but it is highly recommended to spend one night at Refuge de Barroude or to camp around it and at the foot of the Barroude walls.
Pico de Barrosa (2763m) on the first trekking day and Pic de la Gela (2851m) on the second day were attained to complete this superb cirque tour.

Caution should be taken into account when advancing along the ridge from Pic de la Gela to the Hourquette d'Heas depending on the weather conditions and ridge expertise.

Vehicles were allocated beforehand at the end of the track to come back to the departure point. Another possibility is to close up the track by walking back to Spain through the Puerto Viejo.

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    Totalment recomanada. L'estància al refugi és imprescindible per descansar però sobretot per gaudir de l'entorn espectacular. La pujada a la Gela és un plus interessant amb molt bones vistes de les valls.

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