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рядом с Detskiy, Бурятия (Россия)

Однодневный трек на Пик Любви от поселка Аршан, сложность умеренная, вся тропа идет под достаточно крутым наклоном.


09-JUL-13 13:40:14

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  • siegfried fau 29.08.2016

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    Nice climbing in july (hot) - all the way up to the top of the lover's peak - a little steep sometimes, but definitely worths it - a good way to discover eastern Sayan mountain range. Good points : very quiet, you won't meet too much people, vegetation changing along the climbing, nice views on the river down in the valley. Bring water ! Around three hours to climb (with a good rythm). The legend says that if you climb it with your lover, wether you will break up soon wether you will live together forever ! Second option for me :-)The most difficult is to find the path in Arshan, go to the river with the tourist stands and climb the big white stairs on the right (you will see them very quickly), then, in the forest, go towards the mountain. Google map may help as the trail is indicated. Can be a little hard to find right at the beginning but then you get to climb, there is only one way to the top. When going down,there is a second option to go sooner in the valley - then you can have a shower in the therms.

  • Фото john_karter

    john_karter 25.07.2017

    Absolutely agree with you! I've done it recently and still excited with my impressions)

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