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рядом с Kyzyl-Suu, Ysyk-Köl (Kyrgyz Republic)

Solo treek to Ala- kul lake from Kyzyl Suu to Teploklyuchenka. South of Issyk kull lake

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  • Фото dantelk

    dantelk 10.08.2016


    How would you define the difficulty of the trek? Were there any dangerous sections? How many days did it took you to finish it?

    Thanks for the answers; I am considering this trek in mid September, so your records are very precious for me!

  • Фото Moebius1

    Moebius1 10.08.2016

    Moderate... 4 days it's a easy trek . Last meters before the lake are steep enough then it climbs quitly to the pass which Is not very far from the lake Camp at the lake it's a wonderfull place to camp and fish No snow or glaciar As in any pass climate conditions may degrade . When I camped here there a bit of rain and hail .
    After the pass in the valley there some accomodations, lodges ect.. and a thermal source of hot water where you can take a bath
    May be it's better to do this trek in other direction and joining this accomodation site first. It's four wheels drive if you don't like to walk on this kind of trail you can take a car to go here .
    When i was here no circulation and not many people i think it's because russian holiday i'ts finish.. In this case if you take this trail on four wheels 3 days is good

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