4 090 m
1 548 m
111,02 km

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рядом с Baytyk (Kyrgyzstan)

alpine trekking

142AltyntorA 1B



15-JUL-09 12:12:50

camp possible 3940

13-JUL-09 15:38:22

campgr good

12-JUL-09 13:22:03

cracks begin

13-JUL-09 9:05:02

good cground

11-JUL-09 16:02:43

Green Campground

14-JUL-09 11:02:36


15-JUL-09 10:17:10

Pass1A SvNikolaja

11-JUL-09 13:04:38


10-JUL-09 18:42:54

Stone Campposs

13-JUL-09 11:14:48

TopKaragaj Brod

12-JUL-09 13:05:46

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  • dangerousdave 27.08.2014

    is this route feasible with normal hiking equipment in summer? if yes, how many days would it take?


  • Фото mikkifox

    mikkifox 01.09.2014

    As you can see, I did this route in 5 days in July. You can skip this simple Sv.Nikolaja pass and pay some money to enter the valley (save 1 day). This mountaineering place is very compact, which allow short trip for groups with any experience - from simplest to hardest.
    You will need ice axe, crampons and glacial rope for Altyntor pass (i did it it without all three but DO NOT recommend anyone to repeat my solo adventure in maze of crevasses).

  • kenkokafe2000 03.02.2015

    Hi, just to clarify, not trying to be clever clotch here. I am more of pretty amazed
    so you consider using ice axe, crampons and glacial rope for a pass to be moderate?Whoa!
    Could please tell me if the path is easy to follow/marked, what you mean by cracks begin and when you say camping ground is just a good spot to pitch up?
    How far up could you get towards the 4039 meters pass without "danger"?

  • Фото mikkifox

    mikkifox 03.02.2015

    I didn't use difficulty grade here at all because without criteria it means nothing :) So, all of my tracks becomes 'moderate' by default - please be careful.
    This route is not so difficult in technicality (the pass graded 1b by exUSSR classification - from 1a to 3b) but it is not 'trekking/walking' one. Better to have all of mentioned equipment because there is glacial pass.
    There are trail (marked sometimes :) up to moraine, so there are no problems to get there (with the track in GPS, especially). When I did it in July 2009 there wasn't any footprints in glacier because of fresh snowfall - so better to not expecting to see it up to pass.
    One more beware, waypoints on the glacier are subject to change - ice flows, you know. 'Cracks begin' is where one of my leg fell into small crevasse 1st time :) So, if you will testing you fortune like me without equipment, and will see glacier closed by snow at this point - better to turn back.
    'Camping' waypoints on the glacier are just a small spot where you can pitch up a small tent (1-2 pax) not on the ice (may be a flat moraine heap - i can't remember now).

  • kenkokafe2000 03.02.2015

    by the way how far and where would be moraine in the track?
    thnaks again

  • Фото mikkifox

    mikkifox 04.02.2015

    Use satellite view and zoom - everything is clearly visible.

  • kenkokafe2000 17.03.2015

    hi again!
    I was wondering did you use maps bought in the TUK (trekking union of kyrgyzstan)?
    i emailed them twice and had no answer so not sure if i need to get the maps b4 going.

  • Фото mikkifox

    mikkifox 18.03.2015

    Seems it is just travel agency (may be it was - last news update on web site in 2013), so i know nothing about their maps, if any exist. I used printed "Genshtab" raster maps and SRTM isolines in my GPS, and it was enough for me. Both available in the net.

  • kenkokafe2000 21.03.2015

    ok thanks very much, i just wondered as the site says they have marked tracks on their maps :)

  • Shadrak 28.08.2015

    @kenkokafe2000 - TUK maps are rather non-informative - it's just Genshtab base with routes marked on top, and the routes are very obvious (they mainly follow the river) and better uploaded to GPS in vecrtor form. The only thing of note in them is the plan for the lower Ala-Archa tourist complex, but it's also easy to summarise as in "the left bank of the river is the place to set up tents freely" ;) SRTM base and pass info from westra club (http://westra.ru/passes/Passes/view_passes.php?place=69, if you can handle Russian) are basically all what is needed and is much better.

    This said, TUK is worth checking as it has rather interesting and useful single-day trail offers (i think most of the routes near Kyrgyz-alatau at this site is from them)

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