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рядом с Haret el Qobbé, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

I was thrilled and surprised that the city of Choueifat has a national park reserve; Choueifat is a 15 minute drive from my home.
The trail start from the side road of Choueifat - Ayn Anoub Road. It is a wonderful trail that is well kept by the city and it has a seasonal river (brook!) that runs along the trail. The trail is a 6-km trail but we extended it by climbing to the Choueifat hill overlooking Beirut and its airport. The views from the hill is beautiful covering the city of Beirut and the airport.
The reserve trail is a very easy trail but becomes moderate if you add the extended trail to it.
Wonderful weather and time to take this trail.
P.S. This trail will also be a good one for those interested in trail-running; I would be doing this if I lived in Choueifat.
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Duck Sanctuary

The reserve is well kept and includes many animal shacks. This one is for the ducks.
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Rabbit Sanctuary

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Mountain Goat Sanctuary


Go Straight

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Mini Waterfall

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PSP Bunkers

Civil war bunkers are spread all over Lebanon. This one is on the top of the hill overlooking Beirut city and its airport. It was manned by the Progressive Socialist Party militia during the Lebanese civil war.
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Quayle Hunt Shack

These trees are lit at night with a machine beaming the Quayle sound to attract them to their death. A sick way for hunters to behave. No sportsmanship.
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Lunch Break


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