12,98 км

Набор высоты

500 м

Техническая сложность


Потеря высоты

573 м

Макс. высота

797 м



Мин. подъем

442 м

Тип маршрута

В одну сторону


5 часов 33 минут




10 октября 2019 г.


октября 2019
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797 м
442 м
12,98 км

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рядом с El Bouaïda, Nabatîyé (Lebanon)

This was an exploratory hike to see the feasibility of creating a trail in the region to encourage hiking groups to come south.
The hike started from Bouaida, Marjeyoun next to St. Elias church. The trail took a short easy uphill to reach the Pine woods of the Barakat Clan in the village of Dibbin. From Dibbin we followed the "800 m water irrigation project" to reach the beginning of Blat village. Starting from Daniel's water mill we trekked along the cliff, through olive orchards, overlooking the Litani river until we reached the town's water spring well; the area is a good point of view to enjoy the scenery. The trail then went through a dirt road that passes in the middle of cluster bomb riddled fields (the MAG de-mining company had cleared all the bombs as told by more than one person of the town but left the signs up) into the town where we walked for about 1 kn on a steep uphill pavement to reach the highest point of Blat. The final destination was Borghouz where we went downhill passing to the right of an abandoned UN observation post. In Borghouz we made it to the banks of the Litani river for a much needed break in an out of this earth green oasis in the middle of barren hills. After a short break, we climbed up a steep hill to reach the Lebanese army checkpoint where our ride was waiting.
The hike was moderate to difficult. The weather was a bit hotter than usual for this time of the year but none the less pleasant. Sky was clear with intercepted white cotton clouds.
Маршрутная точка

WWII Trenches

These trenches were built to fend off the British and French invading forces against the Vichy French government.
Маршрутная точка

Grabage Area

avoid this road

Go Left

Маршрутная точка

Blat Cemetary

Маршрутная точка

Litani Cliff View

Маршрутная точка

Cleared Minefileds

Маршрутная точка

Litani River Borghouz


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