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Hiking with Brummana Hiking Group.
This hike covered: Ottomans road, Jaamani riverbed, Brumnana’s stalactites, mules road, king’s cliff, and black cottage.
The hike is a difficult hike going down a steep slope with thick bushes, then walking the riverbed of a boulder-packed Jaamani river, climbing up and down steep cliffs to get to Brummana's famous stalactite cliffs, up the mules road path (steep winding path) and then walking across the Kiln and King's cliff to go back to our ride.
The hike is full of great scenery and breathtaking views.
The weather was very hot and you need a minimum of 4 liters of water to survive. I only recommend it to expert hikers.

Finally, special thanks to Brummana Hiking Group embodied by Mr. Kamal Abou Samra for making this happen.

The Face Cliff

A cliff that looks like a face; I couldn't see it!!!

The Dripper

it is called the dripping ; during winter the ceiling drips water

Brummana's Stalactite

A.K.A. Brummana's penis; a stalactite supported by neighboring small others

The Kiln

The Kiln is a cylindrical shape structure formed by digging a whole and build its walls with hard, heat withstanding rock. It was used by farmers to burn calcium based rocks in order to produce Calcium to be used on preserving foods and for painting their homes

4 комментариев

  • GeorgesFares 10.01.2019

    Hello zahi, may I please have ur phone number to get some clarifications on this trail?

  • Фото zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 10.01.2019

    send me your email

  • victoriayan 03.04.2019

    Hi Zahi! Thanks so much for recording these trails. Do you know how well this particular one is maintained?

  • Фото zahi.ramadan

    zahi.ramadan 04.04.2019

    Hi Victoria,
    The trail is a very difficult trail; as I said in my comments: we had to use machetes to clear the path. I don't recommend you do it on your own; please ask Brummana Hiking Group (BHG) for a guide; BHG have a FB page.

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