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Takashi Ryokuchi Park is one of the popular parks in Toyohashi and is easily reachable by train. From Hamamatsu Station take Tokaido Line train bound either for Toyohashi, Gifu and Ogaki or beyond and after a half hour train ride transfer the trains to Toyotetsu Atsumi Line. Toyotetsu Shintoyohashi Station is at the east of Tokaido Line Toyohashi Station. Takashi Park is close to Takashi Station the sixth railway station of Atsumi Line from Shintoyohashi.

Takashi Ryokuchi Park is very huge approximately 25 hectres in area and is divided by the railway line. Most of the park visitors go to the eastern larger area of the park where huge lawn areas, children's playground and equestrian ground. The park also has some nice pine groves withstanding repeated gusty winds.
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Hamamatsu Station

To get to Takashi Ryokuchi Park starting from Hamamatsu Station, you need to get to Toyohashi Station first. I recommend you take Tokaido Line because every train departing from Kudari or down direction (westward from Hamamatsu) stop at Toyohashi. While most of the downward trains are bound for Toyohashi, some go beyond such as Gifu, Ogaki or Maibara. On that day I took train bound for Gifu. Every train either Futsu (Local) or Tokubetsu Kaisoku (Special Rapid Train) also stop at Toyohashi, too.
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Toyohashi Station

Toyohashi Station shares a lot of railway lines such as Tokaido Line, Tokaido Shinkansen Line, Meitetsu (Main) Line, Iida Line, Shinai Line (Tram line) and (Toyotetsu) Atsumi Line. To get to Takashi Ryokuchi Park, you may have to walk a bit to find the right station, Shintoyohashi Station of Atsumi Line. It is easy to miss the direction to Atsumi Line. When you get out from the ticket barrier of Tokaido Line, walk toward the East Exit and watch carefully to find the direction sign leading to Atsumi Line.
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Pathway to Atsumi Line

There is a narrow pathway leading to Toyohashi Railway (Toyotetsu) Atsumi Line and it is a good place to buy the lunch for picnic. There is a bakery, a convenience store and a souvenir shop enough for the food supply.

Glimpse of Toyohashi Station East Exit Area

On the way to Shintoyohashi Station there is a place where you can have the view of Toyohashi East Exit area. The most impressive building could be the tallest building of Cocola Front Complex
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Atsumi Line Shin-Toyohashi Station

Apart from Large Scale Toyohashi Station Building, Shintoyohashi Station is somewhat like rural railway station. East Exit area of Toyohashi has changed that much but the station area still has the memories of decades ago. Train fare to Takashi Station is 170 yen for adults and 90 yen for children (12 or under)
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Takashi Station

Takashi Station is the sixth railway station of Atsumi Line. After getting out from the train you will have to cross the railway line. The station building is at the west side of the station. The huge park is parted by the railway line and the broad road but most of the visitors head for the larger area of the park at the north of the station.

Children's Playground

When you get to the East Area of Takashi Park you will soon find large children's playground. The park has other children's playground with playing equipment but it seems this area is by far the most often used and the equipment has been properly updated.

Lawn Ground

The park used to be the military training grounds for Japanese Imperial Army until 1945 when Japan lost the second world war. Pine grove has been standing since that time. Lawn grounds are really huge and this area probably is the most popular section of the park.
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Equestrian Ground

And this Equestrian Grounds also are the legacy of old horseback training area for the Imperial Army. Today this equestrian grounds have been owned by the local horseback riding club. Children enjoy watching the horses there.


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