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рядом с  Barrio Norte, Magdalena (Republic of Colombia)

TOUR GUIDES AND LEADERS SAS was founded in 1984, being the pioneers with the tour to the Archaeological Park Teyuna - Lost City. Our company is part of ASOTEYUNA (Association of Community sustainable tourism), which contributes to the progress and welfare of the peasant and indigenous families living in the region to the Lost City resort. In addition to conserving the natural environment and landscape.
TOUR GUIDES AND LEADERS SAS has selected for you the best destinations in forest, rural, beach in the city of Santa Marta and the foothills of our majestic Sierra Nevada. We have plans and packages, with rural activities, ecological, nature tourism, adventure, recreation and eco educational sessions, which will make your stay in our city a pleasant and memorable experience.
The Tayrona Park it is the most visited park in Colombia by the grandeur of its beaches and the color of the sea, one of the most beautiful places in America. It is located about 34 km from the city of Santa Marta.
Lost City (Teyuna) is one of the most important archaeological sites built by the Tayrona disappeared.


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