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рядом с Providencia, Santiago Metropolitan (Chile)

This ride takes you across the countryside to Los Andes, a city close to the Argentinian border 115km from Santiago. From here you go up into the Andes, ride the famous zigzag road to Mendoza and till you arrive in Portillo. Behind the colorful, rustic hotel there is a mesmerizing, hidden lake waiting to be discovered by you.

I made this trip end march and found that the weather was perfect. To get an idea of the scenery, here a link to the video I made of this trip: https://youtu.be/U-pE1j8fxLA
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Alcántara 1026, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile
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Cuesta Chacabuco, Casas de Chacabuco, Colina

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Los Andes

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Laguna del Inca, Los Andes

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  • Фото #Raptor962

    #Raptor962 12.04.2020

    Bonita ruta, felicitaciones.

  • Фото Paul Urmston

    Paul Urmston 13.12.2020

    Nice route. Do you think you could set up camp for the night around the lake?

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