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21,1 km

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рядом с McKeeversville (historical), Nevada (United States)

This is perhaps the most challenging trail I've EVER been on. Half of all of the motorcycle riders encountered were unable to return and were having to wait for help. All of those disabled had big bikes, were overweight and older.I do not recommend this trail for any vehicle, period. The very large quads were the most successful - except the one whose transmission left a short but large oil path.

If you decide to go, by all means, go with at least another person(s).

The end of the trail is on the Colorado River and is spectacular.

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  • Фото JesseGKTMrider

    JesseGKTMrider 10.05.2015

    My KTM 350 bucked me off like a wild Bronco on parts of this trail! It was easy going down to the river, but very difficult to make my way back out. Not a fun time on two wheels unless you like steep rocky technical terrain.

  • Фото Norleck

    Norleck 15.05.2015

    You have really got to want to do this trial. It is demanding the whole way in. It is not a fast trail by any means.

  • Фото brandohitchcock

    brandohitchcock 19.01.2017

    great pics! https://www.wikiloc.com/trail-bike-trails/burro-washington-trail-9426349/photo-5763415

  • Фото Nick Nickerson

    Nick Nickerson 19.01.2017

    Thanks https://www.wikiloc.com/trail-bike-trails/burro-washington-trail-9426349/photo-5763415

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