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рядом с Sober, Galicia (España)

Enchanting drive aloñg the river Mino (Ourense side) on secondary roads with a small walk in Os Peares and plenty of views as well as passing a waterfall.
For the more faint hearted - the road we took to cross the rio Mino to Belezar is very narrow, just keep driving and take the next road signposted to Belezar for an even more enjoyable drive.
Walk: Os Peares just park after the bridge walk along the old houses under the railway to the public natural swimming pool (also picknick ops).
In Os Peares you find a bar at the station which is closed Tuesdays.

In Belezar is a boat landing and there are boats cruising the river as well as a small bar.

Before we drove home we visited the dam of Belezar unfortunately the two club nauticos are closed at the time of writing (Sept. 2018)


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