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рядом с Подпорожье, Ленинградская область (Россия)

RF Arkhangelsk Governorate 2012/01

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  • staffan 03.09.2012

    perfect - saw this just days before trip to the same area

  • Rich sims 18.10.2014

    Looks a good trip, what sort of distances are there between fuel stops? And is a snorkel required?


  • Фото YolkiPalki

    YolkiPalki 18.10.2014

    Rich sims, hi, this trail mostly is onroad, it can be done via any stock city car. I've changed category and added some photo. This area (we call it Russian North) has many desolate trails far from civilazation and many authentic points of interest, but i drove this one in the winter, and while there is snow, you can drive only roads that are regularly cleaned from snow. Don't hesitate to write me in PM and I'll send you more info about places and diractions on this area.

  • Rich sims 18.10.2014

    Thanks for the info YolkiPalki, what car do you use?

  • Фото YolkiPalki

    YolkiPalki 19.10.2014

    Rich sims, mostly it's suzuki jimny

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