Координаты 1276

Uploaded 8 декабря 2010 г.

Recorded декабря 2010

361 m
307 m
16,97 km

Просмотрено 3447 раз(а), скачено 1 раз(а)

рядом с Valcha, Plzeňský Kraj (Czech Republic)

From center of Pilsen city to village Valcha on ski to clean up snow around my father's house. Still a lot of snow (aprox. 30cm, what is unusual in this region) but started melt. Most of way without rut due to a lot of fresh snow, so I had to beat the track. Last approx. 2km ran by tram :-)
07-PRO-10 11:24:58
07-PRO-10 12:01:20
07-PRO-10 12:31:47
07-PRO-10 12:43:37
07-PRO-10 13:17:54
07-PRO-10 14:02:38
07-PRO-10 15:10:54


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