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рядом с Bílá, Moravskoslezský (Czechia)

Another classic crosscounty skiing trail which starts at the ski resort of Bílá. At the beginning you can either scale the ski slope via adjacent service road or use the ski lift (3 EUR pp one-way). By using the lift you can spare yourself from climbing grueling 200 odd vertical metres right at the beginning.

After reaching the frontier ridge the trail runs parallel to the Czechia/Slovakia border all the way to Bumbálka mountain pass before descending steeply into the valley of Bílá Ostravice. There´s a couple of moderately priced chalets along the way (Kmínek, Sněžná) providing simple food and accomodation. You can find some other establishments at Bumbálka, yet these are pretty unappealing and I wouldn´t recommend visiting them unless you´re some kind of 1980s eastern European aesthetics buff.

The ski track has been well maintained during the winter months. So when the snow conditions are all right there wouldn´t be many crosscountry skiing trails in Beskids more rewarding than this one.
Another trail en route to Konečná and Bílý kříž diverts out of this intersection.
Chalet web site (SVK/GER)
This place retains a distinctive 1980s eastern European feel.


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